Analysis of Nursing Career and Motivation

Nurses & Doctors are our army, began my career as Role of a nurse in hospital Intern then progressively getting promotion, presently I’m a Nurse Manager demonstrate my leadership quality each and every level, began as Role of a nurse in the community Nurse Intern, seen multiple disaster and crises for example explosive device blast attack on Benazir Bhutto in Karachi then murder of her in 2007 when the Role of a nurse NMC of metropolitan areas burn countless peoples got shot lower of blind bullets, city crises every single day minimum 10-12 gunshots need to handle per shift.

Initially disaster Sometimes under senior General nurse job description without doubt these were very best in their nursing care by which I learnt a great deal as well as pointed some loop hole, after i lead my team sometimes of Benazir murder country locked lower for several days, gun shot, tortured patients we received every alternate minute would be a hurry call, it began in evening so management and Perception of nursing profession from the hospital left for home, we understood nobody arrived at help or provide additional support to all of us, we understood we have to carry on up until the situation handle.

Together Leader I assigned motivated Nurses to get the individual and refer these to resus or front area, Doctors and Senior Nurses for evaluate, cannulation, wound wash etc. etc.

Specialist, Nurse Aid support these to provide equipment’s, medicine, surgical supplies, and inform other teams.

I had been facing staffing issues, coping with disaster with routine shift staff it had been difficult but we allow it to be altogether, limited Nurses, Porter along with other staff, I choose housekeeping staff to move patients, 3 patients move along with bed move by housekeeping staff, 1 Nurse, 1 Specialist, and 1 Intern Physician to assist and move these to Operation Theater and go back for their assign area as quickly as they are able to run, we shift medical along with other routine emergencies patient into clinical area, that was closed in last evening and that i have assign weak, individuals staff that we felt may demotivate my champs.

More often than not the majority of us was crying, transporting with tears in eyes we never saw this sort ever within our existence never even observed in any Hollywood movie, i was self-motivated peoples were our very own, no hunger no thirst only one feel, “Whim ALLAH” “Whim ALLAH” enable them to which help us.

Evening and Night would be a horror day’s our existence, however nowadays Personally i think Covid-19 again require the same strength to assist our peoples, like a Nurse Manager my Administrative skill are great, through the elegance of ALLAH during many years Irrrve never stop my clinical practices, still basically found a hard cannulation, I actually do in my staff, to not nail patient.

Today I just read a few of the nurses, won’t operate in Covid-19 Patient area simply because of fear, yes within my career in nursing I’ve come across a number of them accept they become nurses only for handsome salaries and also to change from Pakistan to Countries in europe, visas for nurses are simple to get.

Chitral Earthquake and Ton Relief

Basically was demotivated in those days i then would not be only at that position where I’m at this time. I’ve offered the city of mountaineers and severe weather atmosphere which i’ve never been which was my second time for you to serve the country when there’s a phone call for the aid of remote regions of Upper Chitral Khyber Pakhtoon Khuwan, Pakistan.

My suggestion like a Leader you realize your pressure, spare individuals whom you believe are weak and demotivate others within the fight, I am certain if 1 get lower, another standup to exchange the positioning and you may still fight.

Corona I’m ready! For everyone my community and country, no fear we defeat you with this unity.

Alice Ibrahim RN RM BA Publish RN BScN Skilled Professional Nurse, being employed as a Nurse Manager with shown Clinical and administrative and commissioning experience of hospital industry.

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