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6 easy and beautiful wedding decoration ideas

Marriage is indeed the most special event of a person’s life. If you will also get married in the near future, then this article is only for you. Here we will present 6 easy and beautiful wedding decoration ideas under a wider theme so that everything becomes easier for you to understand. Everything else will follow easily when you have a clear concept of the theme of your marriage in mind. So, let’s explore all themes and some decorative ideas below it.

1. Fun names DIY MR & MRS

As the name suggests, for this wedding decoration, you have to do everything yourself. This means you will be more involved in your wedding decoration. situs slot online terbaik Doing that will increase the bond in your family and you will be able to spend more time with your family and do something creative. Let’s explore some DIY wedding decoration ideas that are fun for your wedding.

You can write your name here at Mr & Mrs You can make this fun DIY easily at home with paper, paint, and strings. This will give a personal touch to the whole decoration. Remember to see wedding decorations around then match the colour of the placard with the background colour. If you add bright colours in the background then you can make bright coloured placards and so on.

2. Personalised Messages

You can add some custom messages for guests at the entrance. You can write about your happiness; you can ask for blessings or you can write any short message you want. You can do this on a wooden table or would also do it on a normal banner. Match the background and then decide where I would like to write the message. Be sure to keep it in an area of ​​this type that each guest has an eye on that.

 wedding decoration

3. Wedding decorations of flowers

This can be an excellent wedding decoration that you can do for yourself on the day of the reception. Here, a small seating area has been created put in a beautiful bench and a wedding decorating the bottom with flowers. The wheels of the flower can be easily transformed with part of your favourite flora with leaves and ropes to create the shape. You can consider using colourful or white flowers depending on the background of the background.

4. Handmade Wedding Decorations

The lanterns by hand have always been a good idea. To add a romantic colour to the global wedding environment, colourful lanterns are the best things to do. You can use paper from your favourite colours to make the lantern. You can take bulbs that you can use as a light source for lanterns.

5. Basket of flowers wedding decorations

You can consider using different types of flowers for your wedding. You can make small flower baskets with things available at home. You can paint it or wrap it with colourful paper for the wedding to decorate the basket. Choose flowers depending on the background and the theme of the wedding.

6. Wax wedding decorations

The candles are always considered romantic and it may be better to make candles a part of the decoration of their wedding. You can create some handmade candles and keep them in a jar to make the environment more romantic. You can use flavours and colours of your choice to improve your romantic vibrations.

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